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The All-Ireland Network on Sexual Violence Research is a collaboration between Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Limerick, led by Dr Eithne Dowds and Dr Susan Leahy.

The aim of the Network is to bring together academics and postgraduate research students, practitioners and policy makers from across the island of Ireland, working in the area of sexual violence.

The network is also associated with a wider research partnership between Ulster University and the University of Galway: COSHARE (Consent, Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Equality in Higher Education) Stakeholder Network. COSHARE aims to produce an all-island approach to consent, sexual violence and harassment (C-SVH) research and practice in Higher Education. 

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The Networks objectives are to:

facilitate and support academics, students, policy makers and external agencies in researching and responding to sexual violence across the island of Ireland; 

provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange in the following thematic areas: Prevelance of sexual violence; Education and awareness; Support services; Criminal justice responses; Alternative responses; Law reform; 

provide opportunities for members to meet regularly in-person and/or online and engage with external stakeholders from across the island of Ireland.


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